Nice to Meet You

The passion project of best friends, Alexis Simpson and Stacie Morrison,
Establishment Home began as a dream to create a unique shopping destination
to celebrate all styles.

Establishment offers one-of-a-kind and specially curated gifts, home decor and art for a well-layered home. Inspired by Southern charm, deep friendship and a shared love of vintage and contemporary decor, Stacie Morrison and Alexis Simpson founded Establishment in 2015 after discovering a void for affordable, quality and timeless pieces when establishing their own first homes.

In creating Establishment, Alexis and Stacie strive to showcase the unique and diverse layers that make the South special. Here, there is a great respect for history, yet an enormous appreciation for  all things current. We embrace the past, strive to discover new things, and live in the moment. We are warm, welcoming and resilient. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Southern homes. Our homes are always inviting, livable, yet refined. 

Southern style is not made of one thing or another, but comprised of a variety of influences. These influences create layers within our homes. Each layer tells a story about our family, our history and our lifestyle. One common thread connects each story - the passion for mixing old and new.

At Establishment, we understand design is a journey. Your home should evolve with your family and lifestyle. We don’t believe that one style or trend fits all, and prefer to curate a hand-selected assortment of beautifully crafted and personalized items ideal for layering, mixing, matching, and loving. Your home should feel comfortable, livable and stylish - but most of all it should feel like YOU.